100 Best Anti Drug Slogans, Posters and Quotes

Here is a collection of slogans, quotes, posters, and poems against drugs. Drugs can ruin lives and potential. It badly affects your brain and your body. It promises you feelings of exhilaration and escape but just leaves you with addiction and pain. Lets all spread the word to just say No to Drugs.


Drugs can turn your life upside down and change you into someone you never wanted to be. This poster is expressing the drastic physical changes that can occur. Not only will drugs affect you physically but also your emotions and upset your family and friends.


Such simple but effective Words. Just say No. There are so many ways you can say it such as, “It’s just not for me.” ,”I can’t, it makes me sick.” “I’m not into that.” “I don’t have time for drugs.”


No matter the drug, it will take you on a rocky road full of misery and addiction. Don’t fall for it’s promise of thrill, it will drag you down in a deep hole that will be increasingly hard to come out of. Choose wisely the path you take.


You have a choice. You can make the decision to say no. Be above the influence, choose to refuse.


Meth causes your teeth to decay and rot, acid erosion and other oral problem. Research what meth mouth is to see one of the many horrible effects of doing meth.


Not only are drugs illegal it can lead you to do more illegal activities in order to satisfy your addiction. Be Smart, Don’t Start. These important decisions you make today can pave your way to a future of freedom and success or one of imprisonment and addiction.


Life is a precious gift, don’t waste it on drugs. Get high on Life, not Drugs. Don’t let your life get wasted by being wasted.


We all have dreams whether its to graduate, become successful, be the best you can be. Never stop chasing your dreams and don’t let drugs hold you back from them. In this poster the bondage and chains represent drugs holding you back, making it so much harder to reach your full potential and accomplish your goals. Make the decision today to not let drugs get in your way.


Refusing Drugs is a Slam Dunk because Drugs are Junk.


You think if you do Drugs it will only affect you? Thats wrong, you will let down all the people who love and care about you and want the best for you.


It’s not cool being under the effects of drugs, it makes you act like a fool.


Drugs bring so many negative emotions and effects to your life. This a clever anti drugs poster idea with a collection of words associated with drug addiction. Make a list of words that come to your mind when you think of drugs to create you own unique version of this poster. Here are some more examples of words relating to drug use that can be used: hopeless, trapped, tormented and despair.


Drugs will hurt you and the ones who care about you.


Don’t let your life or your dreams go up in smoke.


You make choices everyday. Be sure to make the right choice when it comes to drugs. The choices you make today will affect the future that you will live in tomorrow.


Don’t put yourself in a hopeless situation, Stay away from Drugs.


Pugs are cute, doing drugs is not.


Some may think that abusing prescription drugs aren’t dangerous, but that is very opposite from the truth. It is very addictive and dangerous to your health.


D.E.A.D. spells out Drugs End All Dreams.


Don’t let the influence of drugs pull you down to a dark cold place, be above the influence.


Don’t give up on your dreams, let your goals and vision for the future be your motivation to be drug free.


Don’t let your life go down a downhill spiral, stay clear of drugs.


If you think drugs are harmless and you won’t get addicted, that is a trick.


Drugs are a Death Trap.


If you have big dreams, don’t let drugs get in your way. Choose your own path, don’t let your path change because of drugs.


Once you fall into the hole that is drugs, its very hard to escape . Don’t put yourself in a place where you become addicted and feel trapped. Stay clear of drugs so you can be free to choose your own path.


Drugs lead you down a path of addiction, misery, deteriorating health, and death. So make the right choice. Live your Life to the fullest, don’t let drugs stop you.


This cat wants you to pause and think of the consequences of doing drugs.


Make the Beary Best choice, Stay away from Drugs!


Drugs make Life Ruff!


Trying Drugs is just nuts!


Make the PURRR-fect choice, stay away from drugs.

Anti Drug Slogans for Kids

    • Get High GRADES not on DRUGS
    • When you huff and you puff you will blow your life away.
    • Users are losers, and losers are users.

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Anti Weed Slogans

    • Do a good deed and kill the weed
    • Put the Stash in the Trash.
    • Keep off the Grass!

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Here is a poem written to drugs. It expressed the desperation and pain caused by it.

A Poem to Drugs

You gave me such pleasure
but it came at a bigger cost,
My family, friends and dreams,
all this I have lost.
Once you had your grasp in me,
there was no way I could break free.
Dirty Deeds and Dirty Tricks
all I would do to get my next fix.
So many things I now regret,
My biggest regret, is the day we met.
I had such aspirations and dreams to pursue
now to get high is all that I want to do.

The Meth Trap

A downhill spiral because of meth,
Once you’re addicted it will lead to death.
It will rot your teeth, put sores on your face,
Put you in a position of shame and disgrace.
It will lift you up just to throw you down
into a sea of despair and torment to drown.



There’s no winning in the Drug Game

You hear the whispers
You know what they say
that drugs are a game
of Russian Roulette.
I know it’s wrong
I know it’s a crime
but I can’t help
want it one more time,
because drug addiction is real,
your sanity and health it steals.



A short poem about Addiction

I didn’t care about anything but getting my next high
because when you’re addicted, it’s demands you must comply
my life is falling apart, my body is in bad shape
But even with all this, from it’s grasp, it’s too hard to escape.


Here is a video of some of the best Anti Drugs slogans and quotes. These can give you some great ideas for school projects, posters and campaigns.

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  • A pill can thrill but can also kill.

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  • K2 is not for you.

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  • OxyContin promises a thrill but it will leave you ill.

    Bright Eyes
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  • A life with coke really blows.

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  • A life on Ecstasy will turn to Misery.

    Smart Words
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  • Cocaine will drive you insane.

    Mr. Lee
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  • Mary Jane destroys the brain.

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  • Life on Coke is no joke.

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  • Pain killers will kill more than just your pain. Eventually it can kill you.

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  • Crystal Meth will lead to an early death.

    Above the Influence
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  • For your health in the long haul, stay away from Alcohol.

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  • Don’t fall into the crack, Stay away from Cocaine.

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  • Nothing nice can come from Spice.

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  • There’s nothing nice about a life on ice.

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  • A prescription pill has the power to kill.

    Dr. Wise
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  • Your life won’t be fine if you snort a line.

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  • You can’t win, when you’re abusing Vicodin.

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  • Molly won’t make your life jolly.

    Mrs. Smartie
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  • From Bath Salts stay away, or crazy behavior you will display.

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  • If you don’t want a stroke or to croak, stay away from Heroin, it’s no joke.

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  • LSD or PCP? No thanks, it’s not for me.

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  • Heroin: Easy to start, impossible to break free, because from it’s chains its too hard to flee.

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  • Your lungs will choke if you start to smoke.

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  • There’s no need for that weed.

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  • Doing heroin is a grave mistake.

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