100 Best Environmental Slogans, Posters and Quotes

100 best environmental slogans quotes and posters

Too much pollution, loss of biodiversity, not enough clean fresh water, soil contamination, deforestation, global warming are just some of the Environmental issues we are facing today. We all can make some changes in our daily lives to live in a greener, more sustainable way. Let’s spread the word to Go Green!
environmental drawing force of nature
Dare to be a force of Nature. Each and everyone has the power to make a difference.

hug a tree slogans
This is a cute drawing of a boy and girl hugging a tree. Trees do so much for you and me such as provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, provides shade and cleaner air  and so much more. There so many reasons to hug a tree. Hug a tree with me!

Clean up your mess says Mother Nature. The Earth provides enough to satisfy our needs but our greed. We must do our share to reduce pollution and conserve our resources to keep the scene, green and pristine.

Respect your Elders…and Oaks, and Pines and Maples too. This poster shows a sad tree looking at the nearby trees being cut down.

This can be a great poster against factory farms. Animals should be treated with decency and have space to roam, run, breath in fresh air and bask in the sun.

A great poster for the cause of Saving Trees with the catchy slogan “Root for Trees”.

This clever quote: “Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.” is very true. It is easy to be wasteful and careless, but if we want to keep a livable environment for future generations, we must conserve and preserve. We only have one planet so let’s take care of it.

When the last tree has been cut down, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, Only then will we realize, We can’t eat money.

Litter makes the planet bitter.

This touching environmental poem expresses the sadness that comes from watching our planet being destroyed.

I keep on hoping and wishing,
but our resources are diminishing,
The trees that do so much for you and for me,
Watch as they fall, one, two, three.
On the land and in the sea,
We are losing our biodiversity.
Our land, water and air
are being polluted, it’s just not fair.
Is what we’re gaining worth the cost,
as the planet of our birth is slowly being lost.



Don’t Bee mean, Bee green says the Bee. Living in a polluted Earth can really Sting!

Whale you help keep the oceans clean? Dolphinetly!

Paws off my tree says the Koala! Save the Rainforest!

We can use your help a ton.

Going Green is the PURRR-fect idea! It sounds like Perfect Idea. Purrr is the sound the cat makes.

I’m beary Good at Recycling. It sounds like very good.

Pollution makes me FURious says the Bear.

Stop the pollution or the future will be unBEARable.

No horsing around, save the Earth.

If we don’t go green, the Future will be Ruff. Ruff sounds like Rough. Ruff is the sound the dog makes.

Those who go green are keeping it cool! This is because going green will help reduce global warming. So it is cool to go green!

Here is a funny environmental poster with gorillas. No monkeying around, We have to save the Earth!

Hop into Green Habits. Make is a habit to think green and be green.

Spread the word to Recycle.

Deforestation makes me sad says the cat. As the rainforests are being cut down we are losing an important resources that provide us with oxygen, food, and a home for many species of animals.

The Earth needs you…I ain’t lion. Lion sounds like lying.

This is a list of some of the major Environmental issues we face which includes overpopulation, soil contamination and erosion, loss of biodiversity, pollution, deforestation, and loss of clean drinking water.

Environmental Poems

No matter where we roam
this Earth is our home.
The birds in the sky,
Watch them fly high.
The fish in the sea,
watch them as they swim happily.
This planet is one of a kind
another like it is hard to find.
Lets do more than just plain wishing.
Let’s make saving the planet our number 1 mission.
We all can do our share
for cleaner water and cleaner air.
Our future doesn’t have to be bleak
if a clean green Earth is what we seek.


Chop, Chop, Chop a Tree.
Mine, Mine, Mine a Mountain.
For Money rules our economy
and dollars for resources is what
They’re counting!



You’ll find me there,
in the land of clean water and air.
Where the green grass grows
Where I feel the mud beneath my toes.
Where I feel the warmth of the bright sun rays.
This is where I wish to spend my days.
Where pollution doesn’t fill up the sky.
Where I can watch the birds flying by.
This is the place to relax and unwind.
This is the place that gives me peace of mind.

Here is a cool environmental graffiti wall. Preserve nature, There’s no planet b.

Live and let live. This is a powerful message of the importance of life, all life. As habitats of this Earth we must learn to live in harmony with all the other species and plants. All life from the smallest of bugs to the biggest of elephants plays a role on this Earth.

Work with me to save the Sea.

Make Earth Day, every day!

Let’s all go green you and me and a sustainable society it will be.

Go Green Slogans

  • Keep our Earth clean, Please go Green!
  • Whether you’re 5, 80 or a teen, Anybody can go green!
  • So tomorrow we can have a better day, Live today in a green way.
  • Practice green habits everyday so tomorrow we don’t live in dismay!

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save water slogans poster
You don’t know it’s true worth until it is gone. Save Water.

Save Water Slogans

  • Use water with care, don’t waste it anywhere.
  • A drip here, a drop there, Conserve water with care.
  • So our future doesn’t flop, please conserve the drop.
  • Water you must conserve so our future we will preserve.

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Saving Energy is a Bright Idea.

Save Electricity Slogans

  • No excuse for energy misuse!
  • Today conserve light so tomorrow will be bright.
  • Conserve energy everyday so we are not left in the dark tomorrow.
  • Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage.

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Big and Small, let’s save them all. Cute environmental poster with a mom and a baby girraffe. Giraffes are under threat as their populations are drastically decreasing. Due to over hunting and habitat loss, they are becoming endangered. Let’s help save this Iconic animal as well as the many other endangered animals.

Save Animals Slogans

  • Their eyes weep and their hearts beat, Care for animals, don’t mistreat.
  • If for animals you care, Please treat them fair.
  • Speak for the ones without a voice.
  • Each and every animal plays a role, Each has a purpose, Each has a Soul.

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Heed the warning of Global warming.

Global Warming Slogans

  • Keep it Cool, Stop Global Warming!
  • Tommorow we will live in dismay if we let the ice melt away.
  • Speak for the ones without a voice.
  • Each and every animal plays a role, Each has a purpose, Each has a Soul.

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Each one, Plant one. Great slogan for planting trees.

Save Trees Slogans

  • The’re the lungs of the Earth, Preserve them for Future birth.
  • You can hug them, you can climb them, but please don’t cut them down!
  • If you cut the Trees down, it’ll make me frown!
  • Trees, Trees, Keep them around, They clean the air and keep flooding from the ground.

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If you want to drink clean water and breath in clean air, to preserve our environment We must do our share.

Pollution Slogans

  • Dirty water, Dirty Air, For our children, it’s just not fair.
  • Act like you care about dirty land, water and air.
  • To Reduce, Reuse, Recycle we must try, so pollution doesn’t pile up to the sky.
  • Recycle more, Throw out less, so our future doesn’t end up a mess.

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Don’t be trashy, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. A solution to reduce pollution is to Recycle!

Recycle Slogans

  • Cans, Bottles, Plastic, Recycling is Fantastic!
  • Keep pollution off the ground by recycling all year round.
  • Pollution we fight when we Recycle day and night.
  • So things don’t get drastic, Recycle bottles, paper, cans and plastic.

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Live in Peace with the Birds and the Bees, The flowers and the trees. Live with the Environment in Perfect Harmony.

Save Earth Slogans

  • Don’t let our Future be grey, Preserve our Earth today!
  • Care about Preservation, Choose Conservation!
  • So our kids don’t cry, Protect the land, water and sky!
  • Trees, Trees, Keep them around, They clean the air and keep flooding from the ground.

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save fuel slogans poster
Save fuel today to secure your tommorrow.

Save Fuel Slogans

  • Don’t waste in haste.
  • Walk here and there so gas you can spare.
  • It’s cool to carpool!
  • Saving fuel now is clever, because oil can’t last forever.

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Environmental Infographic

This infographic shows some astonishing statistics about issues we are facing.
environmental infographic