100 Great Anti Bullying Slogans, Posters & Quotes


Here is a list full of Anti bullying slogans,posters and quotes. It isn’t big to make others feel small, so watch what you do and say if it can hurt someone in anyway.

No bullying is right, both physical and verbal bullying can hurt just as much. With verbal bullying the bruises can’t be seen but the pain can be just as deep and hurt just as much. In this poster half of the boy’s face looks normal, while in the other half it is revealed the emotional scars and bruises that are beneath.


If you see someone who is alone or seems shy, make an effort to make him or her feel included. Ask them if they would like to join you. Try to start a conversation with them. We all know how it feels to be excluded and we know it’s not a good feeling. Help others so they don’t feel that way. We all want to have a friend to talk to and share fun memories with it. A little effort can make a difference to someone.


Words can be like venom. One blurt of something mean can act like poison to someone’s soul, making them hurt and feel insecure. Be wise with your words. Don’t say something if it will hurt someone else. Be compassionate since I’m sure you would want others be the same way towards you. Studies have also shown that when you talk bad about someone else, the person listening will usually think bad of you for saying such things. Therefore it is always wise to be nice. Check out PotatoeisDrawing on Instagram, She is a great artist and has many amazing and creative drawings on her channel so be sure to check it out!


If you see someone being bullied, Stand up for them! Tell the bullies to stop. Tell them they are not funny and need to stop! Tell a teacher, tell a counselor. If everyone joins together to put an end to bullies, it will be a better place for everyone. Make it known to the bullies that what they doing is very, very wrong and will not be accepted here. Be the change you want to see in the world!


If you stand up for someone being bullied, and tell the bully that it is not cool what they are doing and they need to stop, you are very awesome for doing that. It is easy to stand by and do nothing, but it takes strength and a strong sense of morality to tell a bully, “No! you shouldn’t be treating anybody like that and you need to stop!” Anybody can have this strength and can make this difference if they try.

This is a great anti bullying video, share it with friends and classmates to spread the word to stop bullying.


Here is a cool t-shirt with a memorable quote about being careful with what you say because the effects of your words can have long standing effects and damage.


Everyone knows the phrase “Sticks and Stones may break my bones…but words will never hurt me”. However words can hurt just as much as sticks and stones, so be wise with what you say and do or it may come back to haunt you!


A very weak person turns to hate and violence. A smart person knows things are better resolved with your brain not fists. It’s easy to hate. It takes strength to be gentle and kind. So must I remind, your words you can’t rewind, so please be gentle and kind, and violence & hate we leave behind. It’s time we evolve and figure out there is a better way so tomorrow for all can be a better day!


We should be aware that you get what you give. If you give: honesty, care, compassionate, understanding, helping hand, sweet, nice, kindness, strength, friendship, thoughtful, considerate, confidence, supportive, love, sympathetic, and more, you get that in return. You reap what you sew. But is you give out anger, hate, misery, torment, bullying, sadness; what goes around, comes around.


People may be going through issues at home or dealing with difficult times that you may not know of. That is even more reason to kind and supportive to every you meet, for they may be fighting a hard battle. In this poster the girl is sad and feeling hopeless but she tries to wear a smile to make everything seem that it’s ok.


A spark of kindness can start a fire of love. A few acts of kindness can make a big difference to others. If we all showed a little more kindness and compassion to others, the world would be a better place for all. We can all start the change we want to see in the world, by starting with ourselves. We all have to power to be more nice, kinder and caring.


Step up so others don’t get stepped on. Defend and protect someone who is being bullied and tell the bully that what they are doing is not right.


Here is a great anti bullying and kindness quote. Use your brain to figure out how to count and your heart to figure out what counts most. Loving and caring one for another is what counts most.


Everyone is different, everyone is one of a kind, no matter what they look like, we shouldn’t really mind. Embrace differences, and accept others for who they are. Be open minded to everyone and give everyone a chance. You may be surprised on all the new friends you can make.


Be different, be yourself! Let’s embrace everyone for who they are, for that makes them special. If everyone was the same, this world would be very boring.


You can Make a World of a Difference Poem

You could be the reason that gives someone hope.
You could be the reason that helps someone cope.
You could be the sunshine in someones sky of grey.
You could be the reason, someone’s pain goes away.
In this world you may be just one.
But to one you can make a world of a difference.


Back off Bullies, This is a bully free zone. This is a cute, funny meme telling bullies to back off.


Short and tall, Big and small, Real heroes stands up for all. Stand up against Bullying. No matter your appearance, No matter your size, Being nice to others is just wise!


Don’t Stand by, Stand up, Stand strong, Stand together. A better place for all it can be, if we stick together you and me.


Calling me ugly, won’t make you beautiful. Calling me fat, won’t make you skinny. Calling me a loser, won’t make you popular. Bringing someone down won’t help you reach the top. Let us all help each other up rather than let each other be broken down.


Bullying is cruel so don’t act like a fool. Meanness is a sign of weakness.


This is a cute inspirational message: “Don’t let anyone dull your Sparkle.” Don’t be afraid to be yourself.


Hang in there and help put a stop to bullying!


Make no mistake, cyber bullying is bullying too. So remember; Don’t be mean behind the screen. You have the Control to watch the words you say. If it can hurt someone, don’t say it! No cyber bullying in this place, so if your words are mean, you must Backspace! Putting an end to cyber bullying is a must, so leave the hate in the dust.


Nobody has to fear, Bullies are not accepted here. Get pumped up to make it a super year! We don’t tolerate bullies here!


Think twice what you say; Because you can hurt or help someone today. Your words are seeds that can grow into thoughts of hope, appreciation, respect and happiness, or seeds become thoughts of sadness and insecurties. So think again what you blurt, for it can cause alot of hurt! Showing some kindness goes a long way, to making someone feel better today.


It isn’t big to make others feel small.


Words can leave scars that run deep and can’t be seen. So stop what you do or say if it can hurt someone in anyway. This is a creative poster drawing made by an artist on Instagram, her channel is PotatoeisDrawing, be sure to check it out!


Help bring up, not put down. Don’t look down on someone unless you are helping them up.


This Polar Bear knows about cool. Being nice is cool! It isn’t nice to be cold.  Truth be told, kindness is worth more than gold.


Kindness is the root of all good things. When we work together and treat each other with kindness and respect, great things can happen. Kindness and mutual respect are essential ingredients for Peace among people. Regardless of their background, appearances and beliefs, lets show everyone kindness and respect.


If you light a map for someone else, It will also brighten your path. When you help someone else it also helps yourself in ways that are not always obvious. Check out these creative tshirt designs from Inkcoast.com.

Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out. Watch what you say starting today, because what you blurt can really hurt. Words have the power to hurt or empower!


Remember you are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, Smarter than you think. This is a great inspirational quote.


Being nice is always in fashion. Showing kindness is always cool. Be someone that is a positive role model, that shows respect and kindness to everyone.


I’ll be there for you Poem
We don’t bully in our school.
Everyone is kind
No matter what you look like
we don’t really mind.

Everybody’s different
and that’s what makes us great.
but we all agree on one thing
there’s no room for hate.

We try to help each other
in everything we do
and value thoughts and feeling
no matter the view.
There’s no place for bullies
Just friends both old and new
With one short, simple message-
“I’ll be there for you”

You feel a need to demean
to be the mean one in the scene
All that evil you spew
it’s to hide whats in you.
all the bullying you do
to keep your insecurities out of view.
but I can see through your act,
your hatred and verbal attacks.
You too feel sad inside
and just want someone to confide.
but bullying is not the way
to get the attention that you crave
be a friend and you’ll see
how much better things could be.

A punch, a kick, you make me sick.
A pull, a yell, a living hell.
words that you say
that hurt and betray
like a dart
right through the heart.
Why don’t you have any sympothy
for all the hurt you’re causing me,
are you really that evil inside
or have insecurities you’re trying to hide?



Sometimes you may lose control

and Enter words that hurt,

the pain your caused you can’t delete,

once done the situation is hard to Escape.

Before posting something you may regret, just backspace.


You say some words
With a evil smirk.
I don’t know why
you act like such a jerk.
You point out my faults
like I don’t already know
filling my days
wit torment and woe.
If you could only see.
things through my point of view
if then I wonder if you would
say the things you do.



your words can uplift and propel
to motivate to excell
your words can hurt and betray
to bring torment to someone’s day.
Words have the power to lift or knock down
to cause someone to smile or frown.
Do to others what you want done to you,
so tell me what are you going to do?



A real hero is measured by the size of their heart. A real hero never makes someone feel like a zero.

Watch this video for some of the best anti-bullying quotes, sayings, posters and slogans!

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