105 Catchy Drug Free Slogans


Here are 105 catchy slogans that encourages the choice to be drug free. I can be the real me when I am drug free.

ABCD…Drugs stay away from me.
Above the Influence.
Avoid a tragic death, stay away from crystal meth.
2 Smart 2 Start = Drug free 4 ever
Be a chooser not a loser….Choose to be Drug Free.
Be the best you can be choose to be drug free.
Be all that you can be, avoid crack cocaine and Ecstasy
Be fly don’t get high
Be brighter, put down the lighter
Cocaine will bring you pain
Coke is no joke.
Come With Me and Be Drug Free.
Count on ME to be DRUG FREE
Crack Is Whack!
D.E.A.D -drugs end all dreams
delete drugs or they will delete you from this world.
Do a good deed, Drop the weed.
Do dope, Lose Hope
Do math, not meth.
Drug abusers eventually get carried away. (Picture of a casket)
Drug free is the key.
Drug free is the way to be.
Drug is a poison that kills your ambition.
Drugs are like a knife which kills your entire life.
Drugs are whack, stay on the right track.
Don’t be insane, Drugs ruin the brain
Don’t do Pot, Your brain will rot.
Don’t get high, reach for the sky.
Don’t let drugs trick you….they are not a treat.
Don’t fall into the CRACK
Don’t Huff, Don’t Puff, Stay away from that stuff.
Don’t Meth Around.
Don’t play with death, Stay away from Crystal Meth.
Don’t start, keep a healthy heart.
Don’t waste your life being wasted!

Drug abuse? No excuse!
drug addiction is not fiction.
Drugs: a Grave Mistake.
Drugs affect more than just you.
Drugs are whack, so watch your back.
Drugs are whack, stay on the right track
drugs are a hole that ruins the soul.
Drugs aren’t cool they make you act like a fool. Don’t be a clown, Drugs keep you down.
Drugs: Choose not to use.
Drugs cost you more than just money.
Drugs don’t only waste your money but also waste your life.
Drugs don’t seek, They make you weak.
Drugs gave me wings to fly, but it took away my blue sky.
Drugs hurt, be alert
drugs makes a strong person a weak link.
Drugs make you weak, they make your future bleak
Drugs: Will you let it get in the way of your dreams?

Drugs: You use, you lose
Get High GRADES not on DRUGS.
Get high on life, Not drugs!
Give Hugs, not drugs.
Go red for red ribbon week
Hang tough, don’t puff.
Hugs Not Drugs.
I don’t smoke Because I’m not a chimney.
iTune Out Drugs.
I rather eat bugs than do drugs.
if your aren’t drug free you can’t play with me.
If you do cocaine, you’ll go insane.
If you’re having drug problems i feel sorry for you son i got 99 problems but drugs isnt one.
If you’re not drug free you can’t hang with me
If strength and honor is what you seek, Drugs only make you weak
If you want your life to be bleak, use drugs that make you weak, and there is no future to seek.
I’m free to be me, when I’m drug free!
I’m too smart to start
It promised you heaven and sent you to hell, It ruined your life while you were caught in it’s spell.

It is easier to stay off drugs then to get off drugs.
It’s no lie, drugs will make your mama cry.
Its not what its CRACKed up to be.
I’ve got too much swag … using drugs is a drag!
Keep off the Grass!
Just say no!
Let’s make a difference,don’t get drug addiction!
Life can take you higher than drugs.
Life is like a game board, don’t make the wrong turn.
Lions,tigers,and bears oh my drinking smoking and violence good bye.
Love saves lives. Drugs take lives.
Mary Jane ruins the brain.
Meth: The Equal Opportunity Destroyer.
Nobody should METH around.
No drug user grows old; because they die young.
No more Addiction, No more Pain, there is nothing to lose but more to gain.
No need for weed.
On Dope, No Hope.
One is too many and a thousand is never enough.
One million Dead junkies can’t be wrong!
PCP bad for me
Proud to be drug free.
Pull the plug on drugs!
Put that stash in the trash

Reach for the stars, not for drugs.
Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate drugs, how about you?
Say nope to dope
Say no to DRUGS and yes to PUGS!
shoot for the stars not your arms.
Slam Dunk–Drugs are Junk
Smoking pot will make your brain rot.
Smoking the dope won’t help you cope.
Stand up to drugs or fall to your knees. Your life, your choice…… stand up please
Stay drug free and be the best you could be.
So there’s no intervention, start with prevention.
Sports, not snorts!
Take a Stand for a Drug Free Land
Take Cocaine and you will feel the pain!
The best me is drug free.
The more you use, the less you live.
The only pot you should be looking for is at the end of the rainbow!
There is no excuse for drug abuse.
There is no need to smoke that weed.
Too smart to start.
Twinkle twinkle little star if you do drugs you want go far.
Up with Hope. Down with Dope.
Users are losers, and losers are users.
Use your brain, don’t fry it!
Wasted? So is your life
We’re happy because we’re drug free. It’s the only way to be.
What’s your anti-drug?
When you huff and you puff you will blow your life away.
Who Says Being A Quitter Is A Bad Thing?
You don’t need Heroin to be a Hero.
You might have 99 other addictions but don’t let drugs be one of them.
Your future will zap, if you fall into the drug trap.
You’re not you when you’re high!



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