31 Great Environmental Quotes, Pictures and Memes

great environmental quotes pictures memes

If we destroy the greenery, we will spoil the scenery. Great environmental slogan. You have to be nuts to cut down trees.
Catchy environmental quote: Give a Hoot for the Root! Because without trees life would be Rough.
Here is a great meme to save water with catchy slogan. Conserving water is the PERFECT idea!

If the Earth is polluted, rainforests cut down and biodiversity lost, our future will sting, says the bee. We must be be smart and cause a buzz to go green, says the other bee.

Be a dear and help save trees. Otherwise the future generations will pay dearly.

Will you help save the Environment? Definitely!

We need to pause and think of the damage that is being done to the Earth, says the cat. You are perfectly right, says the other cat.

Destroying the only planet we have to live is crazy, says the squirrel. We must hop into green habits says the rabbit.

If people keep polluting, things will get unbearable, says the bear. Yea it makes me furious says the other bear.

Not going green is just wrong says the Gorilla. Just go green, take a swing at it, says the monkey.

It will be a tragedy if we don’t go green says the cat. You’re not lying says the lion.

Going green is a sharp idea says the porcupine. You are positively right says the bear.

We must go green today says the parrot. We can’t let our chance fly by says the other parrot.

Somebody thinks we all should go green says the rabbit. I hear you, lets hop on to it, says the jumping rabbit.

Don’t listen to neigh sayers, global warming is real says the horse. Tell me about it. We are on thin ice says the polar bear.

Some people think global warming isn’t real says the polar bear. That is so silly says the seal.

Stick your neck out to go green says the giraffe. You don’t need any Qualifications says the Koala.

What happens if we don’t choose to go green? asks the dog. It will get rough says the other dog.

We must go green or the situation will get bad says the lion. It already looks pretty bad to me says the parrot.

We need to pause and think about the environment says the bear. Yea or it will get very bad says the other bear.

No horsing around, we need to save the planet says the horse. Let’s make it our mane goal says the other horse.

We can’t let our future get trashed says the raccoon. Yea or it will stink says the skunk.

Come out of your shell and go green says the turtle. I will appreciate it says the whale.

The humans are destroying the only planet we have to live says the bear. And they are the intelligent ones? asks the other bear.

If people don’t go green, we will have big problems says the elephant. I can’t bare the thought says the bear.

Don’t let me spot you polluting says the Dalmatian dog. No way, we care about the Earth a ton says the elephants.

There should be an uproar to go green says the lion. You’re not lying says the other lion.

Less pollution is the best solution says the horse. You are very right says the bear.

You don’t need eight legs to go green says the crab. Pollution makes me crabby says the other crab.

Cool chicks go green!

Will you go green to stop global warming? asks the polar bear. Yes, we have to keep it cool, says the seal.

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  • go green, and work as a team!

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  • We need to PAUSE , For environmental damage we are the CAUSE

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