35 Student Council Candy Slogans and Ideas

35 student council candy slogans and ideas

Using candy for your school campaign may give you the extra push you need to persuade your classmates to vote for you. Here are some great ideas to use with candy.
To be your next president would be a real treat. This slogan can be used with any candy, but a Hershey Kiss is a great choice because you can buy a whole bag of of them for pretty cheap, and most people love chocolate.

I’m hoping to pop into your mind when you go vote. You can also use, “Don’t Blow it, Chews me” or “I promise to stick to it” or “I will stick with you”.

I would go the Extra mile if I were President. Great slogan to use with Extra Gum.

Don’t be a Dum Dum, vote for me. You can buy a whole bag of these dum dum lollipops which come is a variety of delicious flavors, and hand them out along with your slogan to your classmates.

Be a Smartie, vote for me. Simple and effective slogan to go along with this fruity flavored candy.

Don’t be a Sucker, Vote for me. Lollipops are a treat your classmates will be sure to enjoy.

Don’t Blow it, Chews me. You can also make school campaign posters with you blowing a bubble with gum along with this slogan.

It would fill me up with so much Joy if you vote for me. Caution: this candy does contain nuts with some people may be allergic to.

Don’t be left feeling sour, Vote for _______.

I work hard for my peeps. For this one You can also use “I am one hardworking chick” (only if you are a girl of course).

I promise never to snicker at your concerns. Snickers are a delicious treat for your classmates to eat.

Vote for me, it’s Mint to be! Freshen things up with some mint candy.

I’m the best choice Bar None. Chocolaty goodness that is sweet to eat.

I’m one hardworking chick. Also “I work hard for my peeps”. These marshmallow peeps are a delicious treat.

It would Rock if I were President. Rock candy can come in a variety of forms, colors and flavors.

Big Plans and a fresh perspective. Freshen things up with some tic tacs.

You can trust that things won’t fall to pieces if you pick me. These Bite sized chocolaty goodness is always a crowd pleaser.

I’m the one you can depend on when in a crunch. Crunchy chocolate candy is sure to be enjoyed.

“Feel the Sensation” of having me as Class President. Feel the sensation is actually the slogan for York Pepermint Patty. You can also use a slogan saying, “Freshen things up” or “Fresh Perspective”.

It pays off to vote for me. Since this candy contains nuts you can also use, “Not voting would be nuts”.

Make it o’Fishal, Vote for me. Sweet Gummy Swedish fish are a real treat.

I’ll make a mound of a difference. Sweet chocolate candy that contains nuts.

I would appreciate your vote beary much. Everyone loves gummy bears.

Peanut Butter Reeses Cup, Vote for me so I make the cut. The sweet taste of peanut butter and chocolate.

I vote from you would be M&m, Marvelous and Magnificent. These chocolate bites will add some sweetness to your campaign.

I will burst with excitement if you vote for me. This small packaged candy is easy to hand out and comes in a variety of fruity flavors.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers, Vote for me. Everyone will want to lay a finger on these butterfingers.

No matter how you slice it, I’m the best choice for ______. Orange flavored sweetness.

Your vote would make me so Jolly. Fruit flavors and easy to hand out.

I won’t get things twisted, I’m the best choice. Chewy cherry flavored candy that are fun to eat.

Vote for the berry best. Great slogan to go with sweet berry candy.

I’ll stick with you.

Don’t let this opportunity roll on by, Vote for ____. The tootsie roll, a classic choice.

All for one and one for all. The slogan of the three musketeers.