5 Great School Campaign Speeches


In your school campaign, a good speech is essential. A good speech can make all the difference between winning a campaign and losing. A good school campaign contains the following:

-humor -use funny lines, slogans, stories or props.
-expresses what you have to offer – what changes you would make, what you were provide if you won. Why you are the best choice.
-Give stories and examples – instead of just saying that you are reliable, hard working, dedicated, etc., provide examples or stories to show that.
-Use your talents – If you can sing, dance, rap, use it to your advantage to make your speech more interesting and memorable.
-What do you have to offer? -Tell students what you would do if you would elected to be on student council (Make sure that these are things students actually want).

Here are some great examples of school campaign speeches.

This is an example a great school campaign speech. She starts off with ripping up her speech and saying that she didn’t want to read off of a piece of paper, but instead she wanted to speak from the heart. It’s funny though how she continues to read from another paper she has. Her speech is not only funny but it makes her relatable. We all had times when we have felt “awkward” or not noticed and instead of her being ashamed of it, she uses it in a humorous way. This shows that you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself, just be confident and know what you have to offer.

If you have any talents, be sure use it in your campaign. Giving your speech in an entertaining way such as a song, rap or dance can definitely make your speech memorable and get you the votes you need.

This is a great example of student council speech. He has humor, he shows he cares, he gives the students what they want. He realized that having great school reunions is something the study body wanted and expressed his commitment in providing exceptional school reunions. When running for student council it is a good idea to find out what is it that your fellow students want and what you are able to provide.

This is a good idea of finding a popular song and using it for your school campaign. Making videos that you can post in social media such as Facebook for your campaign is a good idea to spread the word that you are running for student council.

In this book you will find more tips, techniques and advice for winning a school campaign.

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