7 Powerful Anti Bullying Poems


Here are 7 powerful poems against bullying. When you do or say something mean to someone, know that it can cause alot of pain and have big consequences. The world can be a better place if we all accept and respect each other. Show more love and less hate. Embrace differences and try to be understanding of others.

I’ll be there for you Poem


I’ll be there for you Poem
We don’t bully in our school.
Everyone is kind
No matter what you look like
we don’t really mind.

Everybody’s different
and that’s what makes us great.
but we all agree on one thing
there’s no room for hate.

We try to help each other
in everything we do
and value thoughts and feeling
no matter the view.
There’s no place for bullies
Just friends both old and new
With one short, simple message-
“I’ll be there for you”

The Bully Poem

You feel a need to demean
to be the mean one in the scene
All that evil you spew
it’s to hide whats in you.
all the bullying you do
to keep your insecurities out of view.
but I can see through your act,
your hatred and verbal attacks.
You too feel sad inside
and just want someone to confide.
but bullying is not the way
to get the attention that you crave
be a friend and you’ll see
how much better things could be.

You can Make a World of a Difference Poem

You could be the reason that gives someone hope.
You could be the reason that helps someone cope.
You could be the sunshine in someones sky of grey.
You could be the reason, someone’s pain goes away.
In this world you may be just one.
But to one you can make a world of a difference.

A Punch, A Kick Poem

A punch, a kick, you make me sick.
A pull, a yell, a living hell.
words that you say
that hurt and betray
like a dart
right through the heart.
Why don’t you have any sympothy
for all the hurt you’re causing me,
are you really that evil inside
or have insecurities you’re trying to hide?


Cyber Bullying Poem


Sometimes you may lose control

and Enter words that hurt,

the pain your caused you can’t delete,

once done the situation is hard to Escape.

Before posting something you may regret, just backspace.

My Point of View Poem


You say some words
With a evil smirk.
I don’t know why
you act like such a jerk.
You point out my faults
like I don’t already know
filling my days
wit torment and woe.
If you could only see.
things through my point of view
if then I wonder if you would
say the things you do.


You have the Power Poem


your words can uplift and propel
to motivate to excell
your words can hurt and betray
to bring torment to someone’s day.
Words have the power to lift or knock down
to cause someone to smile or frown.
Do to others what you want done to you,
so tell me what are you going to do?


Watch this video for some of the best anti-bullying quotes, sayings, posters and slogans!

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