7 Powerful Anti Drugs Poems



A short poem about Addiction

I didn’t care about anything but getting my next high
because when you’re addicted, it’s demands you must comply
my life is falling apart, my body is in bad shape
But even with all this, from it’s grasp, it’s too hard to escape


There’s no winning in the Drug Game

You hear the whispers
You know what they say
that drugs are a game
of Russian Roulette.
I know it’s wrong
I know it’s a crime
but I can’t help
want it one more time,
because drug addiction is real,
your sanity and health it steals.


The Meth Trap

A downhill spiral because of meth,
Once you’re addicted it will lead to death.
It will rot your teeth, put sores on your face,
Put you in a position of shame and disgrace.
It will lift you up just to throw you down
into a sea of despair and torment to drown.



I cheat, lie, steal
because the power of
addiction is real and
it’s effects I  can’t conceal.
I can’t help the way
I feel, it’s so Hard
to deal. I wonder if I
will ever heal.


Drugs aren’t cool
They make you
Act like a fool.
Don’t be a clown
Drugs will keep
you down.


A Poem to Drugs

You gave me such pleasure
but it came at a bigger cost,
My family, friends and dreams,
all this I have lost.
Once you had your grasp in me,
there was no way I could break free.
Dirty Deeds and Dirty Tricks
all I would do to get my next fix.
So many things I now regret,
My biggest regret, is the day we met.
I had such aspirations and dreams to pursue
now to get high is all that I want to do.

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