Bosses Day Slogans

Bosses Day Slogans and Sayings

Bosses day also known as Boss’s day and Bo$$ Day is on the 16th of October. It is a day to give thanks to your “wonderful” boss. Here are Bosses Day Slogans and Sayings.

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  • Scary Boss: You got smarts, You got skills, you give everybody the chills

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  • Nice Boss: You got smarts, You got skills, working with you is a thrill

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  • Boss Day. This special Day is just for you to celebrate all that you do

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  • Bosses like you are a few to be found, we’re glad to have you around

    Workin Hard
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  • Boss: You’re clever, You’re kind, You’re one of a kind

    Workplace buddy
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  • You set the rules without being mean, A boss like you are few and far in between

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  • Boss: You talk the talk and walk the walk, you have a witty mind and eyes of a hawk

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  • A true leader is measured by the people who choose to follow

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  • A great boss lays the foundation for employees to discover thier own greatness

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  • We give thanks and praise for all your clever ways

    Best Employee
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  • You’re the Boss who’s sweeter than cranberry sauce

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