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Here are Death sayings, slogans and quotes. Death is not the end. Vote for the best and add one of your own.

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  • no need to fear or shed a tear, for love can’t be destroyed, it will always be here.

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  • Don’t be sad because it’s over, smile because it happened

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  • death comes like a thief in the night, passes by and is soon out of sight.

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  • the end of one chapter, the beginning of another

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  • death comes without warning and causes many a sad mourning, but hold up your chin and know, death is for the body but not the soul.

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  • It’s not an ending but a new beginning

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  • Don’t cry because it’s the end, smile because it’s a new beginning.

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  • Death is not the end for you my friend, the soul lives on even after your body is gone.

    Lovely thoughts
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  • death comes and bodies fade, but always remember the memories that were made.

    heavens door
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  • even after someone is long and gone, their memories and stories will live on and on.

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  • though they are no longer here, their love and memories will always be near

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