Halloween Slogans

Halloween Slogans and Sayings

Halloween night is a time for spooks and scares. It is a time to dress up in costumes and go trick or treating. Here are some spookteckular Halloween slogans and sayings. Vote for the best.

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  • When Halloween is here, the monsters appear

    Monster Fred
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  • Ghouls and Goblins will scare, watch out for them if you dare

    Mysterious Shadow
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  • Halloween night, prepare for a fright

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  • May your Halloween be Spooktacular

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  • When the sunsets and the moon shines bright, you better watch out for a scary sight

    Halloween Sayings
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  • The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…and Zombies

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  • Zombies roam, Witches take flight, you’re in for a fright, this Halloween night

    Mysterious Voice
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  • You better prepare for a Halloween scare

    Scarey Witch
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  • What a sight to behold, to see Halloween night unfold

    Mrs Shadow
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  • On Halloween night, the witches take flight, the moon shines bright and the vampires bite

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  • A flash across the sky, could be a witch flying by

    Spooky Ghost
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  • Witches brew is a tasty stew, but better behold, you may turn to a toad

    Freddie Couger
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