Housewarming Sayings

Here are Housewarming sayings and slogans. Whether you want to welcome someone to a new home or you want to express the importance of home, you will enjoy this list. Vote for the best.

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  • A house is not a home until you share it with family and friends

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  • May your imagination explore, may your soul wander, but may your heart always guide your way back home

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  • Home is where the heart is

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  • no matter where you travel, no matter where you go, you can always come back to the place you know

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  • May your home always be too small to hold all of your friends

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  • Your home will be here, a place to laugh or shed a tear, a place to gather with friends who are so dear, a place where love is always near.

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  • Welcome to your new place, I hope you enjoy your new space.

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  • May the roof above you never fall in and may the good companions beneath it never fall out

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  • A house is just a roof with walls, a home is where the heart calls.

    traveler Man
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  • In this home may memories be made and in this home may the memories never fade.

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  • Wood or brick, concrete or stone, A home is a place to call your own.

    amazin Soul
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  • Home: a place to relax, a place to sleep, a place to laugh, a place to weep.

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  • Whether it is bright or dark, cluttered or neat, A house is not a home without you to make it complete.

    Sweet eyes
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  • It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home

    Purple Stone
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  • Welcome to your new home, a place you can always return, no matter how far you roam.

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