Disease and Cure Slogans

Here are slogans and sayings for Disease Awareness and to Support the Search for a Cure. No matter the disease, it’s important not to lose hope, even when the situation seems hopeless. By creating awareness, showing support, and encouraging the search for a cure we all can make a difference. Below you will find slogans and sayings for a wide variety of topics from cancer to hiv/aids to heart disease. Click on a topic to see more slogans and sayings on that topic.

Anorexia Slogans

Anorexia is an eating disorder that feeds off the fear of gaining weight. These Anorexia Slogans and Sayings can help create awareness for this disorder and discourages an unhealthy obsession over one’s weight.

Stroke Slogans

A Stroke occurs when blood stops going to a part of the brain. Can be referred to as Brain Attack. It is very serious and Life threatening. Here are Stroke Slogans and Sayings to increase awareness.