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Hear our voices loud and strong. Putting profits over people is just plain wrong! Oil pipelines are used to transport oil to different locations but sometimes it can spill and pollute the land and water. Tar sands oil which is nicknamed Dirty Oil is especially bad since it releases about 20% more greenhouse gas emissions than regular oil which is worsening global warming. Renewable energy such as wind and solar power are more cleaner and greener sources of energy.  Here are some slogans, memes and posters about this subject. At the bottom add your own slogan or quote and vote for the ones you like best.


Let’s keep nature clean, green and serene. No oil spill here or there or anywhere.


Take action against global warming and climate change. We need to cut down on emissions to help stop global warming.


Here is a funny meme with an unimpressed squirrel. Global warming is an obvious problem and yet not enough is being done to help cut the emissions. Unimpressed squirrel is unimpressed.


Dawson’s Creek was a popular show in the 90’s. Lets keep lakes and creeks like Dawson’s creek, clean and free from pollution.


When there are oil pipelines that come near water, there is always a risk that it can spill and contaminate the water sources. If a spill does occur it can be detrimental to the ecosystems and to us who rely and need water to drink.


Only 2% of all water is fresh drinkable water. It’s one of our most precious resources and needed for life. Lets make sure to keep it clean for future generations to come.


Grumpy cat is grumpy because he hates oil spills. If your water source was contaminated, you would be grumpy too! Don’t be mean, keep the water clean.


The environment is in us, not outside us. The trees are our lungs, the rivers our bloodstream. We are all interconnected, and what you do to the environment, ultimately you do to yourself.


We each have the power to create change. The change you want to see in the world, start making the change yourself, and create an example for those around you.


When corporations pollute the water, land and air; those externalities have a huge social cost and its just not fair to society and future generations.


Let’s learn to coexist with the nature. Let’s live in peace with the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees. Live with nature in perfect Harmony.

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Environmental Slogans

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  • Health Over Wealth

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  • Don’t spOil our environment!

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  • The health of many, the wealth of few.

    Long Beard
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  • Oil companies have a stash of cash while our future is being thrown in the trash.

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  • Hear our voices loud and strong. Putting profits over people is just plain wrong!

    Native American
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  • I wanna DRINK not DRIVE

    Dakota Dream
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  • Liar Liar waters on fire!

    Tree Hugger
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  • Hey President: Don’t Pass Gas!

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  • Listen To The Many, Not The Money!

    Trail Blazer
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  • Don’t spOil our water!

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  • Protect our water, Secure our Future.

    Dakota peace
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  • Private Profit, Public Risk,

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  • We can’t take it back once the damage is done. Take action now for a better long run.

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  • Clean water is worth more than gas.

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  • We all should care, it’s just not fair, whats being done to the land and air.

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  • Go with the Flow, Protect our Water.

    Peace and Love
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  • Spread the word…not the oil.

    Soul Sister
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  • For the welfare of every son and daughter, keep that poison out of the water.

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  • Don’t be a gashole.

    Bright Eyes
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  • No Drill, No Spill

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  • If you really think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while you count your money.

    Sam the man
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  • Solar Doesn’t Spill

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