6 Amazing Student Council Videos
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6 Amazing Student Council Videos

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When running for student council you will want to stand out from your competition and for your audience to remember you. A great way to do that is by making a video. A video can be a great way to get your message across, and to show your audience what you have to offer in a fun entertaining way that will be sure to get their attention Here are some great examples and ideas that can help you make your own video.

This video has some pretty cool ideas. The girl is walking around the school and demonstrating reasons why she would be a great class president which includes, that she is a problem solver, she is sporty, she’s organized and more. Some of the examples are pretty funny and will make you laugh. The music that is being played is fun and upbeat.

Making a music video can be a fun and clever idea. Choose a song you like and change the lyrics to go with your school campaign. You can make lyrics that explain why you are the best candidate and what you have to offer. Reasons can include that you care about the school, you’re like helping out and you have some great and creative ideas that can add some fun to the school year. For example in this video below the candidate mentions that she will have Super Hero Day and Wacky Wednesday. This video is a great example of a fun and clever school campaign video.

This is a pretty funny video, it takes place with these two students trying to come up with ideas for their school campaign video. Ironically enough it is their video! They go through some cool ideas such as making a music video and making a video with animals. Take some notes to help you create your awesome video!

A catchy music video will be sure to make an impression on your classmates. Show off your talents, whether it’s singing, drawing, dancing, rapping, playing an instrument or more.

Here is a great and funny school campaign speech. Adding some humor and jokes will be sure to make you stand out.

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In this quirky video the candidate lists reasons why to vote for her and she plays it out in a funny way.