170 Great Safety Slogans and Posters
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170 Great Safety Slogans and Posters

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Here are some of the greatest, catchiest, funny and popular safety slogans and posters!


Be prepared, Know the safety gear and tools you need and use them. When you have a set of safety precautions and rules in place, you have an advantage. Failing to prepare is preparing to failing. Safety is no Accident!

Don’t let accidents happen because you were to lazy to follow safety precautions. Your health and the health of those around you could be put at risk. To avoid a drastic fate, Safety precautions you must take. A long, healthy life you deserve, so safety precautions you must observe!


Seven days without safety, makes one weak. Keep Safety in mind all the time; for there is no bigger wealth than your safety and health.

Safety is a full time job, Don’t make it a part time practice. Show you care be aware. Whether you are on the road, at work or at play, Practice Safety everyday. Just a little effort can have a lifetime of rewards!


Safety is a Frame of Mind, Get in the picture. Make an effort to practice safety until it becomes a habit. Know that safety is for all, so prevent that drastic call; Avoid an ill fate, when it comes to safety don’t debate!

Some people may think that following safety rules and precautions is a waste of time, and they have too many things to get done that they can’t be bothered. Just keep in mind that it is worth to make a minute for safety, than to lose your life in a minute. Make time for Safety or Safety will make time for you.

Your family needs you and want to see you come home safe and sound. See your kids grow, make safety your goal! To return to your family every day, when it comes to safety, don’t delay.


Your jobs pays you to do your job but it’s also your responsibility is to ensure you follow safety rules and precautions when you do your job. My job provides me with money, but safety is my responsibility honey!



Don’t take a chance with safety because the consequences can be severe. To safety rules you must adhere, so nobody in the workplace has to fear, we always practice safety here. Keep a safety sign in sight to help prevent a fatal fright.

To avoid something bad, that will make you family sad, be bright, do what’s right, follow safety day and night. Know what you must do, to keep the safety of you and your crew. It’s up to you, so what are you going to do?

Don’t be cause in a drastic situation that will bring much devestation. Don’t leave safety rules behind, always keep them in mind. To safety of you and our crew, is up to me and you.

Two thumbs up for hand safety. The pain lingers so protect your fingers. Be safe, knock out danger. To safety don’t be a stranger, it can put you and your crew in danger.

It may have all the best tools, but they are useless if you don’t know how to use them safely. Learn what you must because in safety rules we trust to leave danger in the dust.

To ensure your safe return, from the job where money you earn, practicing safety is a must, because in those precautions we trust. They are there for a reason, to be practiced every day, in every season!

To your family and friends it would be a devestation if something would happen to you. Think about them when deciding to practice safety. To avoid a drastic fate, be safe mate!


Safety is just what you need to ensure everything runs smoothly. Try it on! It fits like a glove!

Think you don’t have time to practice safety? Think twice. Practicing safety sure is nice. If you decide to take shortcuts instead, that can end up cutting your life short! Be smart, Practice safety from the start!


Safety you must maintain, to avoid a horrible pain. From danger you want to abstain, so your health can remain.

Protect your eyes, ears, head, body and health….for they are priceless that can’t be bought with any amount of wealth!


Here is a safety sign to remind, Just in case, Have Safety in Place! People rarely expect an accident to happen, it often comes by surprise. So don’t let an accident occur with you having the essential safety precautions in place to ensure your safety. To your health be kind, always have safety in mind!

Be safe to keep things nice, being risky comes at a high price! You have so much to live for, so when it comes to safety don’t ignore! Make the right decision, make safety your mission.


Put safety first, because accidents last. Coming home whole, feels so nice, so when it comes to danger, you better think twice. Take care, be aware. Your health don’t ignore, when it comes to safety, do more.

You think safety is a bore? Your life is too precious to ignore! When you put yourself at risk, it can cause your life to be brisk. When it comes to safety, Think Straight! Your decisions will determine your fate.

Just taking some precaution and following the rules everyday can make a world of a difference! The choice is yours today, to reap the lifetime of rewards.

Leave danger in the dust, so your day won’t be a bust, Practicing Safety is a must.

A better life you will find when you keep safety rules in mind.

Your family is waiting and depending on you to make it home tonight. Don’t cause a fright, practice safety and come home whole tonight.



Prevent an accident, Practice safety!

Whether you are driving, working in construction, working in an industrial environment or in the workplace, know the safety rules and be aware, danger can be anywhere.

It doesn’t matter who is watching, or if you can get away with you. It is not worth the risk. To prevent a dreadful fright, practicing safety is what’s right.

Take extra care to prevent a scare. You will be glad you did!

Safety is an investment in your future. Safety is worth more than any wealth, because there is no price to your life and health.

Safety rules should be followed 365 days a year, 7 days a weak. Taking a break from safety cause time for accidents.

Avoid pain and danger, don’t make safety a stranger. The pain caused can be deep, and make you and your family weep.


We need to work as a team to ensure each others safety. If one person isn’t following the rules, it can put everyone at risk. Safety is serious, it’s not a game, if something bad happens, will you be to blame?

Don’t put your life at risk, leave the horsing around to the rodeo.


If you like your hands and appreciate your fingers, be smart about hand safety.

It’s not complicated. Its as simple ABC, Always be careful. Always show care and be aware.

Once the damage is done, it’s too late to take back. Practice safety everyday to keep your life intact.

Wear a seat-belt, don’t text and drive, don’t drive and drive, don’t speed, be aware. Having a little common sense pays off.

If you appreciate your eyes, wear eye protection. Care about your hands? Wear gloves. Care about your feet, wear the right shoes. Tie back long hair and don’t wear jewelry. Protect ears from loud noices and wear a helmet to protect your head.


Not keeping the place clean should not be seen. Keep the place clear of obstruction.

Make it your goal to come home to your family whole.


Safety signs and posters are a great way to spread awareness to be safe.