Sports Slogans

Here are Sports Slogans and Sayings to get the competitive atmosphere flowing and help motivate you for the game. If you want to see slogans and sayings about a specific sport, just click on the specific sport from the list below. You will find here slogans and sayings for a range of sports from Soccer to Baseball to Cricket and more.

Basketball Slogans

Have a ball with these creative Basketball slogans an sayings. Whether you play it on the court or you live watching it on tv, this list will be sure to make you smile. Vote for your favorite below.

Car Racing Slogans

These clever Car Racing slogans and sayings are sure to make you think and give you a laugh. Auto racing is one of the most watched sports on tv. Vote for the best below.

Cheerleader Slogans

You will cheer for these catchy Cheerleader Slogans and Sayings. Do some cartwheels and get your cheer on! Vote for the best ones you like best from the list below.

Cricket Slogans

From East to West, this list of cricket slogans and sayings is the best. Cricket is a popular sport in many countries worldwide. Vote for the best from the list below.

Cycling Slogans

These catchy biking and cycling slogans and sayings will get you thinking of the benefits and joy of cycling. Cycling can be for transportation, recreational activity or for sports and competition. Vote for your favorite below.

Lacrosse Slogans

Here is a list of catchy and funny lacrosse slogans and sayings.  Lacrosse requires speed, skill, agility, grace and teamwork. It is one of  the fastest sport on two feet. Do you have what it takes?

Rugby Slogans

Rugby football is a style of football. This list of  creative Rugby Slogans and Sayings will get you in a competitive  mood and help motivate you for the game. Whether you are a player or a supporter, these slogans will make you smile.

Running and Track Slogans

These running and track slogans and sayings are sure to impress and motivate. Whether you are a runner or you are supporting a runner these slogans can express the love and joy of running.

Soccer Slogans

This list contains entertaining and catchy soccer slogans and sayings. Soccer also known as football in many countries is a popular sport around the world. Vote for your favorite below.

Surfing Slogans

Here is a list a catchy surfing slogans and sayings. Surfing is a popular water sport enjoyed by many worldwide.  Surfing is much more than a sport, it’s a way of life!

Swim Slogans

Create a splash with these creative Swim slogans and sayings. Whether you are a swimmer, you support a swimmer or you like swimming as a recreational hobby, you will appreciate this clever list. Vote for the best below.

Tennis Slogans

Here is a list of inspirational, catchy and funny tennis slogans and sayings. Tennis is a game loved by many of all ages. It requires endurance, quickness and good hand eye coordination. Vote for the best below.

Triathlon Slogans

Here is a list of  triathlon slogans and sayings. A triathlon involves swimming, biking and running. A popular long distance Triathlon is Ironman. Vote for the best slogans below.

Wrestling Slogans

Whether you are a wrestler or a wrestling fan you will appreciate these witty Wrestling Slogans and Sayings. If you see ones you like, be sure to vote for it.