Chlorine Slogans
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Chlorine Slogans

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Here is a list of Chlorine Slogans. Chlorine has the symbol Cl and its atomic number is 17.  Chlorine gas is a pale greenish yellow color. Vote for the best.

19 thoughts on “Chlorine Slogans

  1. To clear up eyes you can use vizene But, for pools and stains – use chlorine.

  2. Chlorine: Coming to a swimming pool, tap, toilet and popcorn near you!

  3. Chlorine smells weird and it’s not considered cool but it’s the only element here that’s gonna clean your pool.

  4. Chlorine I can smell and taste pretty mean but I promise to keep your water clean!

  5. It’s atomic number is seventeen, What could be? It’s Chlorine!

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